If you’re joining a gym or are already a member, but you don’t know about all the amenities, take a few moments to learn more.

You may be really missing out by not taking advantage of all the great things offered right on site. At MÜV Fitness, you’ve got some amazing MUV fitness amenities, and here’s why you should use all of them.

Convenient Childcare

Arranging childcare can often be a struggle, especially for busy parents. Take advantage of the fact that gyms like MÜV Fitness simplify the process for you with the MÜV Kids program. Kids can stay and play in a fun, safe, and carefully monitored environment while you get your workouts in.

Group Classes

It’s far more fun, and easier to stay on track, when you have a group to exercise with. Use the group classes at MÜV Fitness to help you stay excited and motivated about your fitness journey. Expert instructors lead classes including yoga, boot camps, and Zumba regularly, giving you lots of choices.

Post-Workout Massage

After your workouts, you can relax and cool down using Hydromassage. This is an easy-to-use and affordable way to get your heated massage whenever you need it. Hydromassage can alleviate tension, help you relax mentally and can even help you sleep better.

The team at MÜV Fitness offers all the above amenities along with others like personal training, tanning, locker rooms, and even a rewards program that gives extra benefits for working out, referring friends, and checking in.

Use the contact form to get in touch now, and a member of the MÜV Fitness will reach out to help you get started very soon. Enjoy the fitness amenities!