Many of us are not fully aware why some people get addicted to drugs. Most people often tend to think that people who get addicted are only those who have loose moral character or they lack sufficient willpower and have got no principles in life. However, actually drug addiction is a very complex condition and in order to come out of such habit, one needs strong will and good intention as well.

Drug addiction totally changes their brain function and it becomes pretty hard for them to quit this habit even if they are willing to. After lots of research and study fortunately, we now know more about how drugs can affect our brain and also there are many treatment methods which can help people recover from such dangerous drug addiction and can lead more productive lives.

What exactly is drug addiction?

Such addiction is a kind of chronic disease where the addicted person tries to take drugs regularly and it becomes a compulsion to take drugs and they lose control on their desire, despite knowing about its harmful consequences. Usually, the first decision to taste drugs can be voluntary for most of the people, but if that is repeated then it can bring certain changes in their brain that usually challenge self-control and ability to resist.

The urge for taking drugs becomes so intense that the person totally loses control on his will power. The brain diseases caused by drug abuse remain persistent, and that is why many people often start taking drugs even after they are rehabilitated once, which is called “relapsing”. This can happen even number of years after remaining sober.

However, relapse doesn’t indicate that the treatment did not work. Like any other chronic disease, treatment for addiction should go on and must be adjusted keeping in view the present condition. Treatment plans may be reviewed and modified according to the patient’s changing needs.