In case you didn’t know: opiate addiction is a global crisis.  Between heroine, morphine and prescription pain relievers, an estimated 3 million Americans have an opiate addiction.  If you or a loved one is one of them, it is important to know what your detox options are, to safely and successfully get off of opioids. You can do so by referring yourself to a drug rehab in Peoria.

(over)dose on the rise

The use of prescribed opiate pain relievers has skyrocketed in the last 25 years.  Though it is difficult to “blame”any single source, contributing factors include the great social acceptance for using opiate pain medications, drastic increases in the number of prescriptions doctors have written, and aggressive pharmaceutical marketing campaigns (including the controversial practice of direct-to-consumer marketing). The US is the largest global consumer of prescription opioids. This is a huge problem for individuals and they can seek help at a drug rehabilitation Peoria for this.

detox option

Heroin use is also on the rise in the United States, at a time when heroin is increasingly mixed with the even deadlier drug fentanyl.  Methamphetamine use has dropped, in large part due to nationwide campaigns to control the sale of the ingredients used to make meth.  In fact, most categories of drug use continue to decline in the US, with opiate abuse being the one major category of exception.

Medication assisting detox

Most opioid users who have tried to quit have tried the “cold turkey”method, at least once.  Opioids, even more so than many other categories of drugs, have physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms that make the cold turkey method nearly impossible.  A growing number of individuals are finding medically-assisted detox more successful.  There are currently two main categories:

  • A “maintenance medication”such as methadone or buprenorphine
  • A “high blocker,”such as monthly injectable naltrexone

There are risks and benefits to both, so the right approach for you is an individual decision.  The most successful treatment options involve a custom program for you, taking your needs into consideration, which is done at a substance addiction Peoria center.

risks of overdose and death

While heroin and other opiate-related deaths are at an all-time high, the time of greatest likelihood of overdose is when you are in the recovery process.  Former addicts who use again are more likely to overdose, as well as those individuals switching from one opiate addiction (such as OxyContin) to another (such as heroin).  For this reason your care providers should also have injectable naloxone on hand, to reverse a possible overdose (and block “the high”).

With these tools, Peoria residents can more safely get off of opioids.