One of the biggest problems with drug and alcohol abuse in Champaign is with young adult substance abuse. Drug Rehab Champaign has realized this with the increasing amount of admitted patients. Mainly young adults in this area tend to have the biggest problems with prescription drug abuse.  In fact, young adult substance abuse is a serious issue in all of Illinois.

When it comes to teen substance abuse, the biggest crisis lies in overdose deaths.  Studies show that young adults have the highest likelihood of dying from their substance abuse problems of all demographics.  When it comes to teen and young adult prescription drug abuse, the key to stopping it is to prevent them from getting the drugs in the first place.

Prescription drug abuse is a completely different beast than all other forms of drug abuse.  When it comes to prescription drug abuse, those who abuse these drugs don’t get them from dealers.  They get them from medicine cabinets, private areas, friends, other family members, or crooked doctors.  As a parent or a concerned loved one, you can do your best to prevent prescription drug abuse amongst teens and young adults in Champaign by following these simple steps:Image result for Drug Rehab Champaign

  • Safely Store Your Medicines and Keep them Secure: Make sure all of your medicines are safely stored and that anyone else who lives in your home does the same.  For identification purposes, make sure that all medicines are in the original packaging that contains the Drug Facts Label and dosage directions too, not to mention the warning labels as well.  If you can, store them all in the same place.
  • Check your Shelf for Other Drugs: Once you have all of your legitimate medicines safely stored, it is important to check your shelf regularly and keep tabs on your medications.  It is wise to keep an inventory of them too, and to make sure that they are not disappearing.
  • Safe Disposal is Key: One of the top ways that teens and young adults get a hold of medications and prescription drugs is by getting ahold of disposed of drugs.  You can prove this by safely disposing of your old and unused medicines by taking advantage of local Drug Take-Back programs in Champaign and the surrounding cities. You can also safely dispose of medicines at home too, but it is recommended to use a Drug Take-Back program.

Preventing Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a real, key issue in and around Champaign, Illinois.  This area and the surrounding areas have come under the effects of pretty intensive substance abuse problems.  Prevention is the key to stopping addiction from entering into any given area.  With the above techniques, addiction can literally be stopped in its tracks all from just simply making it impossible for teens and young adults to get a hold of prescription drugs in the first place.

Rehabilitation is beneficial and useful for helping those who are already addicted to drugs and alcohol, but prevention is far more successful when it comes to stopping the spread of substance abuse on a wide-scale level.  With proper prevention in Champaign, the drug problem here can finally begin to go down rather than go up.