When you want to remain as independent as possible within your own home, but find that everyday furniture provides a barrier to do so, then The Mobility Store can help you to retain that independence. Below we explore their range of adaptable beds and chairs that allow you to lead an independent life within your own home

Adjustable Beds

The Mobility Store has a wide range of adjustable beds that can take up to a maximum of 60 stone in body weight. The purpose of these beds is to enable the user to have a restful night’s sleep and for them to be able to remain in their own home for as long as possible, with a career attending to their daily living needs. These beds are fully accessible, easy to clean, with the head and foot boards easily removed for ease of making the bed and for when better access is needed. Bumpers can also be added with the bed being able to be put into a variety of different positions. The profile bed also offers support where it is most needed. This type of bed is especially useful if the individual has limited mobility as it can be placed into different positions relieving pressure points and preventing pressure sores.Image result for The benefits of Adjustable Beds & Recliner Chairs to Help Mobility in the HomeRise and Recliner Beds

Rise and recliner http://www.mentalhealthupdate.com/soma.html beds are designed to raise from a low position on the floor to a higher position that allows the user to comfortably enter the bed. Recliner beds allows the individual to access the bed from either a standing position, when they need the bed to be higher than a normal bed due to hip and lower back problems, or the bed can be accessed from a wheelchair by using a slicing sheet or banana board. Recliner beds enable individuals with a physical disability to be able to remain independent in their own home.

Recliner Chairs

This type of chair is made for the individual with a range of mobility problems, especially those who have had hip surgery or who have difficulties in siting in low seats due to arthritis and lower back problems. These chairs are custom made and can blend naturally with the room’s original d├ęcor. They are able to raise from a low position, allowing the individual to easily sit in the chair from a standing position. When needing to vacate the chair, the chair can once again be raised to allow the individual to stand and leave the chair. Recliner chairs can also be fully reclined to offer the optimal level of comfort for the back and all joints.