Bali is well-known among travelers for its magnificent views, excellent waves, temples, and beautiful resorts. Exploring the beaches in Bali is a great experience, but how about getting to know how a real Balinese people live? Stay with a local family in Bali, and we guarantee you this will probably be added as one of your best things to do in Bali.

Nyoman, Era, along with their daughter Ayu; A Balinese family is living in Gadungan, a little village north of Canggu. Their nephew Adi, who resides in Denpasar, speaks English and unites each visitor throughout their visit to Gadungan village as a guide, translator, driver, and most importantly, friend.

Our Bali household is the way we call them after having stayed there several times. During our first visit in 2017, we were all shy. We broke the ice by discussing the cookies we took to them from the Netherlands.

Help on their Balinese farm

Nyoman has his own farm and rice factory near their home. Following a brief walk through the rice fields, you’ll reach their farm where they develop all sorts of vegetables and fruits. After cutting or helping some rice, a fresh coconut, just cut from the tree is waiting as a refreshing benefit.

Make a local Balinese food

Era takes care of lunch for all of the people working on the farm. She’s such a sweet lady and knows how to make mouth-watering meals. Majority of the meals were prepared with fresh ingredients from their very own farm. You can learn about the ingredients used or ask if you can cook together with Era.

Learn Balinese Men and Women reside

Stay a few nights at the family members and get an actual view on how Balinese men and women live. We were lucky to join a ceremony, the birth of a baby boy in the household. Distinctive expertise and an even more in-depth look in their culture.

New friendships

The household is warm, welcome, and continuously available to host new travelers. Though you’re only able to talk via hand gestures and body language, staying a day or two at the household creates an immediate friendship.


Adi shows you around the village, their temple located on the top of a rice field valley, a nearby waterfall, and among the best rice fields, you’ll see in Bali. Yes, even better than Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud.

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