One of the most popular sweeteners for all over the world is the maple syrup. The maple syrup is the hundred percent natural and the healthy sweetening ingredients for your recipes. Compared to the other types of the sweetening ingredients, the maple syrup is highly rich in the health benefits. There are different types of the maple syrup is available that is grade A and grade B. The dark color Canadian Maple Syrup is the grade B maple syrup. There are lots of differences available for the grade A and grade B maple syrup. The grade B maple syrup is get from the after harvesting of the grade A maple syrup.

How The Maple Syrup Is Made:

Normally, the maple syrup is get from the sap (sugary circulating fluid). This can be available for plenty of years in the North America. Now this can be available for the India. The eighty percentages of the maple syrup products and maple syrup will be supplied for the china. There are different process will be available to make the maple syrup.

  • The small hole is to be drilled in the Sap (maple tree).
  • After drilled the sap tree the sugary circulating fluid is to be flow out.
  • This fluid is collected for the large container.
  • The sugary fluid is boiled for the high temperature till all the water evaporates in the fluid.
  • Now the thick solution is present in the container, this can be allowed to the filter to remove the impurities and dust particle in the fluid.
  • Now, the maple syrup will be ready to use. This maple syrup is used to prepare different kinds of products such as sweetening products and other type of products.
  • There is no chemical cannot be added for the maple syrup extraction.