Forskolin is derived directly from plant roots of Coleus foskholii, which is known by different names across the world. The plant is related to mint family. The supplements of Forskolin dates back to hundreds of years and is used to treat health issues like heart congestions, asthma and many more. But, currently Forskolin supplements are widely used as weight loss pills. Forskolin is also used in Ayurvedic medicine in the form of antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties with guaranteed benefits.


Here are few points regarding Forskolin supplements in the form weight loss agents-

  • Previously, body builders, athletes, sports persons and people related to media were fond of maintaining their physique.
  • Now more number of people vies to get in shape very easily and consider taking alternative supplements.
  • Alternative supplements like Forskolin do not cause any serious side effects since it is obtained directly from plant.
  • But, considered weight loss takes place when healthy diet and proper exercise are combined along.
  • Forskolin supplements increases metabolism and has the ability to burn fat cells maintaining muscle mass.
  • The supplements of Forskolin also help to clear blockage in arteries, increasing blood flow.
  • People suffering from breathing disorders like asthma feel relieved after using Forskolin supplements.
  • Unaltered Forskolin derived supplements increase memory, cardiovascular activity and helps to reduce body fat in faster way.
  • But, Forskolin as weight loss supplement is a myth. Weight loss is possible with regular exercise and following healthy food habits.
  • Water should be consumed enough to well hydrate while on Forskolin pills.
  • As per the long-term studies and extensive research, the Forskolin supplements increase body temperature resulting in melt down of excessive calories.
  • But the results are not same for every individual. Since it is a natural and safe derivative, proven results may change with each and every user.
  • To obtain considerable results, Forskolin dosages should b followed strictly.
  • 25 mgs to 60 mgs per day is sufficient for initial users till the body gets used to it.
  • Once after getting adjusted Forskolin 125 mg and 250 mg can be used and not beyond that.
  • Buy pure natural extract of Forskolin to yield beneficial results and best avoid artificial ones.
  • The product that contains 20{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344} of pure Forskolin is considered best and safe!
  • But, even though Forskolin is considered natural it is not right for few individuals.

Side effects caused by Forskolin supplements

  • The supplements of Forskolin when used beyond 125 mg regularly cause low blood pressure.
  • Individuals under medication regarding health issues should consult with doctor before taking such alternatives to lose weight.
  • Few mild side effects like nausea and dizziness are experienced by few users and should consult doctor when problem persists beyond three days.
  • Users diagnosed with heart ailments should avoid using Forskolin supplements since it worsens heart condition more.
  • People using medications like blood thinners are not advised to use Forskolin, since they cause more complications which are beyond curable.