Gone are the days when you have to spend long hours on the beach just to get a tan. These days, you can get that great bronze complexion without having to step outside your comfort zone, thanks to mobile spray tanning. With concerns arising from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation which is considered harmful to the skin, spray tanning at home has been touted as one of the safest and best alternatives to sunless tanning. Gotham Glow offers great mobile spray tanning services and products designed to suit all skin type

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a simple carbohydrate found in spray tanning solutions. DHA extracted from sugarcane or obtained from the fermentation of glycerine. When a spray tan is applied to the skin; a subtle chemical reaction occurs between the dead amino acid present on the surface of your skin and the DHA. and causes no damage the skin cells. Spray tans will typically last for about five to seven days. You may prolong the tan’s lifespan if you use a spray tan that includes Erythrulose in addition to DHA.Image result for Get a Great Tan with Mobile Spray Tanning`

Advantages Of Mobile Spray Tanning

Safe Tanning

Tanning booths which offer an automated spray tan are often considerably cheaper than mobile spray tanning by a technician, but they are not risk free. It’s true you get what you pay for. For instance, automated tanning booths can be troublesome when it comes to getting the perfect tan. The automated instructions are confusing, especially for first timers and if you miss a beat, the solution could http://forhealthylives.com/product/accutane/ easily get in hair,  eyes, nose and even ears. There is also the likelihood that spray booths will not give you an even and consistent tan all over. Not only is the mobile spray tanning by an actual technician considerably more simple with less risk for error, the air gun itself makes the application quicker and easier.

Good Quality Tanner

If you want an assured sunless quality airbrush tan, you should go with mobile spray tanning. Most of the time, your technician will be using a much better quality of solution than found in the automated booths, not to mention the benefit of your technician being able to provide a quick and accurate color assessment to select the best tone.

From celebrities to models to college students and even more and more beauty and fashion conscious women and men are joining the mobile spray tan bandwagon for that flawless sun kissed skin.


You can arrange for a private spray tan session by a technician in the comfort of your home; you can have an airbrush expert come over with the required tools and products required for your tan. The spray tan professional will give you tips and advice on how to get the best out of your tan and extend its lifespan. Mobile spray tans are ideal for quick and easy tanning when you desire that sun kissed effect on your skin just in time to make it to that special occasion. It’s the beauty buff’s best kept secret.