The Invisalign plastic aligners are becoming widely appreciated and used for its subtlety in comparison to metal braces. It is not easily noticed and can be invisible to people sitting close or next to you. Most times, only the user is aware of its attachment, although, some discomfort can be felt with this aligner when the set is brand new. Using Invisaligncan be made pleasurable by applying the following tricks compiled by Oracare dental clinic briefly outlined below.

#1:Get mouthwash baths

It is not advisable to leave your trays on for too long without brushing and rinsing the mouth because it can affect the overall taste of your mouth. To avoid this, ensure you soak your trays in diluted mouthwash such as the Biotene Dry mouth Rinse. Mix it with water in equal proportion and leave your trays in there for three to five minutes. This is capable of leaving you with fresh breath always.

#2:Remove trays with the right tool

The act of constantly dipping your hands into your mouth to take out your trays can result in the introduction of pathogens into your mouth. Also, it can do great damages to your fingernails as a lady. The appropriate way to remove trays is to use an Invisalign tray removal tool such as the Outie which is effective for removing delicate brand-new trays. You need to be more careful because of the invisible nature of trays, so you don’t damage it, leaving you with no option than to buy a new one.

#3:Trim the edges

This trick is not useful if you feel the edges of your tray are smooth and you are comfortable with it. In cases where your tongue or gums feel scratched, purchase a fine grit nail buffer to smoothen out the edges of your plastic corrective dental wear.This option is better than the metallic file due to its tenderness.

#4:Ensure you brush after every meal

Don’t make the mistake of putting in your Invisalign trays immediately after a meal, because the food debris left hanging in between your teeth can distort the shape of your tray and can cause discomfort. Dentist recommends you wear Invisalign for 22hours in a day but ensures you wash your mouth properly after every meal before putting them back in to avoid bad breath and poor teeth alignment.