Before you find a podiatrist, you need to understand a bit more regarding podiatry. In case you didn’t know yet, it’s a medical field dealing with the study, research, diagnosis, and treatment of the injuries and disorder of the lower leg, ankle and foot.

Practitioners and doctors from who specialize in podiatry are called as podiatrists. They deal with these problems like Achilles tendonitis, flat foot, hammertoes, and diabetes foot care, Morton’s Neuroma, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, infections, plantar warts, heel pain and a lot more.

Foot Care Tips On Maintaining Your Foot Healthy

Following are some the foot care professional advices to guide you keep your good foot health:

  • Prevent reducing the circulation of blood to your feet. In certain, make sure that you don’t cross your legs, use socks with tight elastic tops. Wear elastic garters or put your feet in the cold water.
  • Be cautious to prevent injuring your feet. For instance, you need to test the temperature of the water first with your hand prior to stepping into the bath. You need to try to prevent walking around barefoot at home or in other places. Make sure that you also apply heating pads or hot water bottles to your feet.
  • Wash your feet in a warm water. Dry your feet thoroughly and gently, particularly between your toes.
  • Assess your feet on a regular basis for injuries, rashes, redness and other abnormalities. Ask medical attention for any issues you observe.

What Is The Underlying Cause of Foot Problems?

A lot of people are not aware that the most underlying cause of foot issues is often wearing improperly fitted shoes. Socks and shoes must be chosen carefully in connection with proper support, comfort, and fit. Natural leather is desirable over those shoe materials because it enables your feet to breathe and has much flexibility.

Apart from that, you need to wear well-fitting shoes and stockings. Remember that shoes must be comfortable and offer good protection and support. To prevent irritation of your feet, new shoes must be work initially for short periods, then for gradually longer periods.

Wearing Heels Isn’t Suggested

On the other hand, wearing extremely high heels are never suggested for those women who walk a huge deal since women place undue strain on their foot and their calf muscles often cause issues with posture. Therefore, having a support hosiery is effective in cases where continuous standing is needed as it places additional pressure on the blood vessels in the legs and feet.

Exercise The Feet Regularly

Walking is the ideal exercise. You also need to check with your physician as they may prescribe particular exercises. These exercises help maintain your feel limber and fight the effects of poor circulation. Easy exercises like picking up small objects through your toes or wriggling your toes help in keeping proper circulation in your foot.

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