Bodybuilders need testosterone supplements to develop better muscles and their performance improvement. GNC are marketing few testosterone boosters that contain herbal ingredients and nutrients that can improve hormone levels and support pituitary gland. There are few testosterone boosters from GNC that contain steroidal saponins extracted from tribulus terrestris. On the other hand, Crazy Bulk claims that their Testo-Max has much more concentrated steroidal saponins than any other brands available in the market.

Review of GNC testosterone

Testosterone booster supplied by GNC contains various natural ingredients that are needed to develop good muscles. The results can be further improved by taking right kind of diet coupled with good workout. Following are five testosterone boosters that are natural prohormones at GNC.

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  1. BioXgneic High Test
  2. Force Factor Test X
  3. King Fisher High T ®Black Hardcore Formulation Testosterone Booster
  4. Nugenix ® Ultimate Testosterone
  5. Performix Super Male T

GNC also market many alternate steroid products for men that are useful for increasing muscle mass and improving athletic performance however under the current regulation they cannot promote these products as steroid alternates, though they provide almost similar benefits. When you choose to buy any such product then look at their ingredients. They are available in tablet, capsule, powder and some other forms too. When you search on internet, you must look at the ingredients mentioned on their label too.

How effective are these testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters that are sold in the market do not contain actual testosterone hormone, then how can they be effective to boost androgenic hormone? In fact, these boosters simulate luteinizing hormone production that can help in increasing the levels of hormone. Testosterone as you know is produced by male testicles, which is one important gland in the body. Hormone glands are usually those organs that are meant for secreting something.

There are also two other glands that can be closely associated with the ability of testicles to increase the level of testosterone. They are pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland. Both these glands are located in the brain. Hypothalamus gland maintains the balance of hormone in the body. When this gland senses that the testosterone level is low then it gives signal to pituitary gland, which is responsible for maintaining various functions of the gland.

The testosterone boosters are designed so that it can support the function of pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland so that it can help the testicles to produce more hormones. Various ingredients present in the testosterone boosters thus help in boosting testosterone levels.