Most of us have heard of many natural nootropics, which promise to have a good effect on the mind and moods, and L-Theanine is one of them. Basically, L-Theanine is kind of amino acid that is found naturally and is known to be of great benefit on issues related to stress. Some of the recent studies have revealed some good aspects about the nootropic and many experts are expecting better results with more detailed research. L-Theanine has been extensively used in Chinese medicine for more than a few thousand years. In this post, we will talk of this nootropic in more detail.

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The basic at a glance

As with most other nootropics, there are a few cognitive effects that have been associated with L-Theanine, which are best apparent when combined with other substances, mainly caffeine. This amino acid was first found in green tea, and more than often, people have associated green tea with L-Theanine. However, with available supplements, it is easier to enjoy the varied benefits of this nootropic.

The advantages

Coming back to the advantages, there are quite a few to begin with. As a nootropic, the supplements containing the amino acid can help to relax the mind without sedative effects and is considered to be beneficial for increasing alertness and attention. People dealing with stress may also witness great benefits, while the supplements may have some effect on sleeping pattern in a good way.


What else to know?

As expected, there are many supplements of L-Theanine, and it is best that you check the reviews before getting started. For example, you can check a few details here at The idea is to be totally informed before you start taking any supplement for cognitive advantages. L-Theanine works best when taken in the right dose, and the general recommended dose is anywhere between 50 and 200 mg for each day, and many people use other kinds of cognitive enhancers to better the benefits. Commonly, caffeine and Noopept are common additions for taking L-Theanine.

As with any kind of natural supplement, you should try to gather as much information as possible before getting started. If you are already using any other drug for cognitive health, please do consider talking to a doctor or medical expert before getting started. In general, L-Theanine is considered to be safe for most people, and the good effects are many in number for a healthy person to get started.