Well, a stuffy nose can be annoying most of the time as your nose starts dripping. Your friends might find you funny due to the runny nose, especially at the time when you try to breathe in and breathe out. To bring into your knowledge, a stuffy nose is not about the presence of too much mucus in the nose. Let’s clear your fact; clogged nose is a result of inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. The irritation is vessels cause cold, allergies, flu or even a sinus infection.

Nevertheless of your inconvenience, there are some simple ways to bring relief. Let’s have a discussion over it.

  1. Try the nasal decongestant

Generally, decongestant is considered as the medication which is known for reducing the swelling and ease out pain in the nasal passage. One can find it in the form of nasal spray and pills. Otrivin, Afrin and Sinex are some of the medications which are generally prescribed in such condition.

  1. Consuming antihistamines and anti-allergic medicines

So, are you really pissed off because of your clogged nose? Think about taking antihistamines or allergy medicine, which actually minimizes swelling in the nasal passage.

  1. Go for a humidifier

Do you have any information about humidifier? The mentioned product is used for bringing quick relief and also reduces down the sinus pain. It acts by converting water into the moisture and enhancing the moisture in a room.

  1. Opt for saline spray

Go one step further by taking a saline spray which is actually a saltwater solution. This works by increasing the moisture in nostrils. Apart from this, the spray also results in thinning of mucus.

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