While many of you have probably heard about this procedure, how much do you actually know about it? Before having any invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedure done, it is important that you know just what you are getting yourself into.

Some of the cosmetic procedures can be quite costly, and the usual cost of dermal fillers will depend on the type of fillers, as well as where you are getting this done. Well, if you are interested, check out the cost of dermal fillers in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, or search online to get a general idea of how much do they usually cost.


Dermal fillers can give you a youthful appearance

What is this procedure?

Dermal fillers are tiny gel injections, that are often made up of hyaluronic acid and this procedure is done to fill in your wrinkles as well as to add volume to your soft tissue. You can have this procedure done in different parts of the face. Sometimes, dermal fillers are used as lip fillers, to make them plump.

How do dermal fillers work?

Their role is to restore the volume to your face and plump some areas, which will make the deep line smooth. However, dermal fillers are not medically necessary, but they do aid to your overall appearance which is why they are important. Aging is inevitable, and as you get older you will start to get wrinkles and your skin will sag.

Usually, the age when you start to lose collagen is about 25 years, which is quite early, right? The elastin and collagen levels are what make your face so smooth and young-looking. Once they start to decline, your face will sag and get wrinkly.

The risks of dermal fillers

While this is not an invasive procedure, every treatment has a number of risks that you need to know about. There have been severe complications from some of the dermal filler procedures, but they are quite rare. The usual risks involve:

  • Acne-like skin eruptions.
  • Lumps
  • Infection
  • Damage to the skin, scarring
  • Bruising or bleeding, swelling
  • Blindness
  • Red skin, rash, and itching
  • Palpability of the filler
  • Over or under correction of your wrinkles
  • Skin necrosis

However, dermal fillers are not the only way for you to achieve a more youthful look. For example, you can check out the thread lift Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, which is another procedure that can help you look much younger too.

You have other cosmetic procedures that could help you achieve the look you always wanted as well

The results

You will be able to see the results immediately after the procedure has been completed, which is something everyone can appreciate. The results from this procedure can last from a couple of months to several years and this will depend on the fillers that have been used.

It is important that you maintain good health, have a healthy diet, and exercise. While you are able to get back to work right after the treatment, you should void doing anything physically exhausting for at least one to two days. This will improve the results and longevity.

Final word

As it was mentioned, there are many different procedures that could help you achieve a youthful appearance, which is why it is important that you talk to your doctor before deciding on the treatment by yourself. In some cases, your doctor might suggest something completely different, which will give you better results. Find a clinic you can trust, and have a consultation first/.