Mental illness, just like any other illness requires treatment from qualified doctors, therapists, and counsellors. Unfortunately, there are very few mental health facilities in India today. This inadequacy is seen not only in rural and underdeveloped parts of the country, but also in urban India. Mental health affects people of all age groups all over the world – and sometimes is very difficult to diagnose because of the fact that there is so much stigma around mental illness, that people don’t show it, if they’re under mental or emotional distress. The most common mental health concern being depression. At Impact Guru, we aim to explore how a crowdfunding India can improve the state of mental health facilities in terms of access, quality, resources, and training and education.

Setting up more mental health facilities

In many parts of the country haven’t even heard of mental health. As a crowdfunding India campaigner with Impact Guru, you can raise funds to set up more mental health hospitals in the cities, as well as remote areas. Even small clinics would be a step in the right direction.

Improving technology and equipment in mental health centres

Quality treatment is extremely important, because dealing with someone who has a mental illness can be quite tricky. The infrastructure, technology, and equipment must be the latest available, to ensure quality treatment.

Hiring hospital staff

Aside from doctors of course, other employees and staff o a hospital must be adequate and if a hospital is finding it difficult due to funding limitations, crowdfunding will always be a good option.

Special recovery and rehabilitation centres

Aside from mental health hospitals and clinics, even recovery and rehabilitation is an important part of mental health. We have very few rehabilitation facilities. Through crowdfunding, more such facilities can be built.

In working towards the improvement of mental health facilities, we will hopefully be able to change the narrative and stigma around mental illness that is the only way to encourage sufferers to come out and speak about their problems, and get professional help to overcome it. As for the scenario of mental health in India, the parliament passing the Mental Health Care Bill in 2017 that was proposed by the Union Health Minister is a progressive step in ensuring every person will have access to mental health care services that are run by the Government. Combining the improvements in the mental healthcare bill, with effective online fundraising can empower a crowdfunding India to raise funds for mental health treatment, just like they would for any other illness or disease.