Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition which is received some attention recently because of the rapid rise in the number of cases that have been identified. The syndrome suffers from a lot of misdiagnosis, which is not helpful since some of the symptoms can be rather mild which makes it difficult to diagnose. Currently, there is no cure for the condition, but studies suggest that some cannabis strains can be used to treat the symptoms associated with Restless Leg Syndrome, such as

What are the Existing Treatments Available?

Currently, individuals diagnosed with RLS tend to use benzodiazepines on a regular basis. These are quite strong tablets to use, which act as a sedative when taken. They can be quite effective when it comes to inducing feelings of sleepiness, but aren’t suitable to be taken during the day. While the benzodiazepines are effective for some individuals, they are not effective for all. There has been anecdotal evidence of these drugs making symptoms of RLS sufferers worse, and the effectiveness of benzodiazepines will decrease over time if used for many years. This means cannabis is a much-needed treatment option.

How Can Cannabis Help?

Over the last few years, cannabis legislation has become a lot more relaxed. This has opened the door for research to examine the various potential uses of cannabis.

Studies have shown that cannabis is an effective treatment option for sufferers of chronic pain and spasticity. These are symptoms associated with RLS that sufferers experience. Moreover, it was found that there were no side effects with cannabis usage. The benzodiazepines can often produce a lot of side effects, so avoiding these adverse side effects is extremely advantageous.

So how does marijuana work? Well, it is thought to act on the cannabinoid receptors which are principally located in the brain. These receptors have an important part to play in the psychoactive behavior of the brain, including affecting co-ordination and pain relief. The way these receptors can prevent and reduce pain is by preventing the manufacture of prostaglandin which then interrupts and stops the pain receptor

Smoke or Vaping Provides Quick Relief

Users of cannabis have provided anecdotal evidence to suggest that smoking or vaping cannabis produces a reduction of symptoms almost instantaneously. Even the worst symptoms are reduced through its usage. For best results, users suggest using the cannabis prior to going to bed.

For more information on what strain to use, consult your local dispensary. Use the dispensaries near open now tool on for your nearest location.