There is no magic jar to bring out something all of a sudden so that the aging process is stopped. It is difficult to turn the clock back. Beauty is not always taken as skin deep, there is a concern as everyone likes to look younger.

There are plenty of advertisements touting the age reducing cream benefits, plenty of lotions and many such seen regularly claiming  to look younger for longer, but most are not true. Now the question is do they give that they promise, and the answer is both, a yes and a no.

There are skin treatments offered by and this is regarded to be beneficial. These are suitable to eliminate the effects of sunscreen. The skin regimen includes sunscreen in copious amounts to be applied to the sun exposed areas of skin. Definitely, sunscreen averts damage, and few other products combat the wrinkles, brown spots causing aging skin. Some ingredients that are research-proven include:

Retinol is considered to be a Vitamin A form and this is available as Retin-A and it ramps up the skin top layer cells, thereby improving the skin tone and helps in decreasing wrinkles.

Peptides also heal, renew the cells and these amino acids chains signal the molecules in the cells. It reduces the crow’s feet and this is done by slowing the tiny muscles contraction around the eyes.

Antioxidants combat free radicals and fight cell damage when it is exposed to some chemicals and sunlight. The antioxidants make your skin firmer and radiant.  They come as topical creams and as pomegranate and green tea ingredients. There are foods such as fresh beverages and produce such as fruit juice and includes various tea varieties containing antioxidants.

Alpha hydroxyl acids are compounds that include glycolic, citric, lactic and mandelic acids. These help in peeling the top skin layers to erase fine lines. AHAs are also available over the counter and in prescription strengths.

Anti-aging products best to avoid

The ingredients that must be avoided as anti-aging products include:

Petroleum-based products such as mineral oil, propylene glycol and paraffin that are found commonly in beauty creams must be avoided. These products may soften skin temporarily and, plug up pores, thereby preventing skin from breathing.

Likewise, when applying anti-aging products, it is best not to smear more of the products. It is best to use as written or instructed on the packaging. This is because some ingredients may do harm than good.