If you’re looking to finally give up the cigarettes, you’ve probably heard all about vaping, AKA electronic cigarettes.


Studies have shown that e-cigs can be much better for you than normal cigarettes, so what’s it all about and how can you get started?

What is Vaping?

First things first, what exactly is vaping?


It essentially refers to the use of an e-cigarette, where the tobacco is replaced with a mixture of chemicals including glycerine, propylene glycol, flavouring and, sometimes, a small amount of nicotine.


Today, they come in all shapes and sizes but they all work in the same way: powered by a vaporizing device, made up of a lithium battery which heats up a coil.


As soon as the flavoured e-liquid comes into contact with this coil, it gets vaporized and inhaled like smoke.

What Makes an E-Cigarette

There are lots of terms surrounding vaping that you might not understand and most of them relate to the parts that make up the e-cigarette itself.


  • Battery: Starting out with a nice easy one, the battery produces the power for the e-cigarette to vaporize the liquid. Usually, they’ll use a non-replaceable lithium battery but some make use of replaceable ones.
  • Atomizer: The atomizer holds the liquid and releases it to generate the vapour.
  • Coil: This small wire is folded down into a spring shape and is what actually vaporizes the liquid. They come in a variety of different wattages.
  • Wick: This transfers the e-liquid from the atomizer to the coil and is usually made from ceramic, steel mesh or cotton.
  • E-liquid: Available in hundreds of different varieties, the e-liquid provides the flavour to the e-cigarette. Unlike normal cigarettes, they give a slight tickling and soothing sensation, so try out a few liquids until you find one that’s right you! (You can browse hundreds of flavours from the UK and US here.)

Which Device Should I Buy?

There are a number of different vaping devices on the market, but which one is right for you?


When just starting out, it’s definitely best to keep things simple and avoid any fancy devices, just so that you can get used to using your e-cigarette.


This being said, it’s recommended to make sure that the vape you choose has its internal battery connected up to a clearomizer, as this helps to make the e-cig is safe.


We also recommend choosing an e-liquid with minimal nicotine content, at least to begin with, and then slowly increase it as you wish.

How to Vape

Once you’ve chosen your vape, the final step is to figure out how to use it! First up, you need to fill it with e-liquid, so begin by removing the atomizer, unscrewing the tip and slowly pouring in your chosen liquid.


Leave it to stand for about five minutes, just to let the wick fully absorb the liquid, and then reattach it to the rest of the e-cig.


Next, turn the vape on and you’re ready to go! If your vape allows you to choose the strength, be sure to start out low and work your way up.


Vaping isn’t for everyone, but for many, it’s changed their lives and helped them to give up on a lifetime of smoking.


If you’re worried about how safe vaping is, check out this recent article from the Sun about the health effects and legal status of vaping in the UK.