The festive season is here with us and at these specific times, we find ourselves going against the entire diet and fitness plan we had made. It is not about the festive season only but weekends from Friday to Saturday will always tempt you to undo all the good diet efforts you had put in place throughout the weekdays. It is okay to be carried away by the festive mood and weekends but you should always strike a balance in diet and minimize the calories you are going to gain. Here is an easy way to go about staying healthy as you give your cravings a little bit of freedom.

  1.     Make a plan

Like any other important activity, it is always advisable that you make a plan on your diet to keep track of your efforts. A plan will also help you to measure the portions you are eating and make changes when necessary. A plan will simplify your efforts of making decisions on what you should eat when and in which portions. A plan will help you to avoid grazing which makes you eat more.

  1.     Do not skip meals

You may think that skipping meals will help you to cut weight but this has an adverse reaction because you will overeat on your next meal. To avoid hunger pangs and cravings, it is good to have at least three meals and two snacks a day. Breakfast is very important because it replenishes your energy to kick-start your day. The breakfast should be heavy and the other meals should be lighter as the day ends.

  1.     Do not overindulge

Staying healthy and without losing the abs does not mean being overly selfish to yourself. The trick is about consciously keeping track of all the junks you are taking to avoid overeating. If you take a packet of fries at lunchtime, it will be better to eat legumes and vegetables in the evening.

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  1.     Take more fiber

Fiber will make you feel fuller for a longer time and also help in preventing hunger pangs. Apart from helping you to feel full for a longer time, a diet rich in fiber is good for your digestive system in general and it can help in regulating your blood sugar levels.

  1.     Take a fruit in between meals

A fruit will give you the energy you need before you get to eat the next meal. The good thing with fruits is that you do not have to worry about adding unhealthy calories in your body. Fruits are also good in uplifting your moods among other benefits.

  1.     Cut on alcohol and beverages

Alcohol and sodas can add calories you will have to lose in days’ time. If you have to take alcohol, do not overindulge. You can consider appreciating yourself with fresh juice or water. It is good to take lots of water after intoxicating your system with alcohol over the weekend.  

  1.     Opt for white meat

White meat is better than red meat for a person who wants to keep the abs and still eat good food. You can choose to eat fish which full of nutritional value like Omega 3 and at the same time, it is sweet.