The problem of hair loss is segmented into two categories in which the pattern hair loss and severe hair falling come to describe the type of loss and state of the grade in the form NW baldness. Whether its strands of hair are clogging up your comb or pattern loss, we all experience the problem of hair loss to some extent in our life. If the problem is genetic, it is important to visit the cosmetic Surgeon to get the primary consultation that describes the extent of hair loss and the feasible technique to sort out the problem permanently.

The expert Surgeon of hair transplant in Delhi recommends the wise advice about the hair loss or fall and their associated factors in order to control the problem or find a permanent solution with the hair transplantation.

5 Things that You Must Know about the Hair Loss are as follows:

  1. Give focus on the initial Loss to control the issue effectively:

Yes, it is important to know about the hair loss whether it is hereditary destined or as an effect of conditional factors. To know about the responsible factor for hair loss, it is advisable to go through the initial consultation with your hair Surgeon. The pre-procedure physical consultation allows a Surgeon to know the exact reason for hair loss that is included with the scalp biopsy checkups. The scalp biopsy checkups also find out the autoimmune causes if it is a case of Alopecia areata means spot baldness. However, a Surgeon is able to plan the right treatment with the right technique to address the hair loss/baldness problem effectively.

  1. What is Seasonal Hair Loss: Sometimes people experience the seasonal hair loss that alters the hair growth cycle by mainly prolonging the Telogen stage. The seasonal hair loss is somewhat different from the regular loss as it has time being effective and can control by the medications or therapy. But, if the issue arises due to the hereditary factor can only cure with the hair transplantation. The exact etiology is unidentified but scientific study stated that the seasonal hair loss occurs due to abnormalities of melatonin and prolactin levels that disturbs the actual growth cycle of hair.
  2. Your lifestyle affects Hair Loss: It is your lifestyle that affects the hair growth as it includes our food habit, walking, exercising, smoking or drinking. A healthy lifestyle also good for our overall growth and hair comes to the top consideration. If a person is addicted to taking fast food, static lifestyle sans of physical activities obviously affect the growth of hair follicles by inhibiting the necessary flow of proteins and vitamins in our body. So, your lifestyle decides the growth of hair that must be healthier one! Your diet should be rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E as well as a balanced combination of some minerals like Zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and selenium. All these necessary elements present in a healthy diet accelerate the healthier hair growth and control the conditional hair fall.
  3. Brushing is good for Hair Growth: The brushing of hair encourages the hair growth. You may ask, how? Yes, as it applies to & fro movement that encourages the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the hair growth. The healthy growth of hair follicles is accelerated by the blood circulation that are charged by the brushing or massaging of scalp and hence counted as a ready process to induce the hair growth.
  4. The Genetic Hair loss is more common in picture: Yes, it is true that the genetic hair loss is more common in picture as 60% of the total demographic figure is affected by the same known as the Androgenic alopecia. The genetic hair loss caused by the combination of genes and hormone, Testosterone (a catalytic form of Androgen) and presents the case of pattern baldness.


On the whole, we can say that the problem of hair loss must identify at the right time in order to get the right treatment for the same because the genetic hair loss severely affects the person’s looks and personality and rated on the societal scale.