Parents all over the world are finding it increasingly difficult to encourage their kids to play sports – thanks to the temptations of video games and the internet. Challenging as it is, it is absolutely important to get your children into sports, even if you have to encourage (or bribe) them with goodies – like cool custom socks! Companies like Strideline have great custom socks that can make any child gush with excitement – and create unity within a team. .

Need reasons to get your kids into sports? Here are 5 Reasons All Kids Need To Join An Athletic Club.

  1. Healthier Lifestyle

Childhood obesity is now the number 1 health concern among American children. Obesity affects one in six children in America, causing a myriad of complications such as high-blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, and elevated blood cholesterol levels.

Break the trend by enrolling your child in a sports program or athletic club. The more time your children spend outdoors, the less likely they will suffer from obesity. Moreover, sports can be a great way to convince your kids to eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Boosts Self-Esteem

Children who engage in sports reported higher self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership (although quality of coaching is a key factor in maximizing positive effects). Sports makes your children more secure and allows them to be more aware of their environment and those around them. Moreover, sports can teach your children how to behave around others and get along with their peers.

Want to give your kids an extra dose of encouragement? Strideline’s custom sock designer allows you to print your team colors/logo on a variety of sock designs and materials. Not only will they look stylish while playing a sport they love, it creates a sense of team unity and pride.

  1. Teaches Discipline, Teamwork, And Respect For Authority

When asked about the benefits of sports, parents cited increased discipline or dedication (81{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344}), getting along with others (78{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344}), and improved social life (73{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344}) as the most important benefits.

Signing your child up for an athletic program or the school varsity puts them in an environment that fosters discipline, teamwork, and respect for authority. Sports, especially team sports, is a fun way to get them involved with their peers and authority figures (i.e. coaches and referees). Even if your kids don’t end up pros, the things they can learn from sports will carry over to their academics, careers, and social lives. Not only that, sports can also keep them happier. Of the students who exercised 6 to 7 days a week only 25.1{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344} felt sad for two weeks or more in the past 12 months, compared to 35.7{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344} among those who exercised 0-1 days a week.

  1. Alleviates Stress

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), aerobic exercise has been shown to reduce overall levels of tension, stabilize mood, and improve sleep. In fact, the endorphins (happiness hormones) you get from exercise can work even better than prescription drugs.

An athletic club can provide your kids with a productive outlet for stress, and reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, by interacting with others through sports, your kids can live happier and more productive lives.

  1. Provides Life Lessons

Sports often provide metaphors for life. Whether it’s running (“Life is a marathon, not a sprint”), basketball (“You miss 100{6a3ef3d823e786ce446b5382548fd67c7d7c89fda0e5f89e1ed2783c5b1d1344} of the shots you don’t take”), or football (“You won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are”), there are many lessons your kids can carry in their daily lives. Furthermore, sports teaches children to stay competitive and do their best.

Getting your kids into sports is more than just exercise and fun. If done properly, sports can be a great avenue to teach your kids about life, health, team work, and much more!